Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Welcome to My Life

Who am I?

My name is Brendan Sage, and I am a student teacher at Brookings High School (BHS) through South Dakota State University (SDSU). I am from the twin cities, and my passion for mathematics began in high school with the completion of numerous advanced mathematics and calculus courses.

After frequently being asked whether I would pursue the teaching profession, I continually responded with a look of disgust. In high school, I felt I had no patience or interest in order to teach. Long story short, I enrolled at SDSU with the mindset of working in my cubicle as an actuary for the remainder of my life. Following a presentation conducted by Dr. Larson & Dr. Vestal of the SDSU Math Ed. program, I found that my passion for education was alive, I just had to dig deep to find it. Once my eyes were opened, I woke up everyday more and more excited to become a high school mathematics teacher such as the role models I had during my high school experience.

I have completed my long journey of jumping through the hoops of the university program, and I now find myself here at BHS intrigued to experience what it takes to be a teacher. I have been pondering the idea of blogging as I am gradually becoming an educator. I chose to investigate blogging during a university course at SDSU focusing on stress management in education. After further review, there are many educators who believe blogging is a great way to reflect and share ideas. I have no intention of anyone reading my blogs, but I find it is a great way for me to get involved in my career!

I look forward to creating more posts in the future!